Nate Vrieze is a multidisciplinary creative based in Minneapolis, MN. He specializes in photography and graphic design with additional experience in animation, photo retouching, and content creation. Most of his work revolves around the music and retail industries.

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All, Art Photography, Design,
Editorial Photography, Freelance Design, Videography

Freelance 4/Videography
A video made by feeding an AI GAN photos of mine from the years 2020-2021.
Hiver 4/Videography
A video Knorth created for the launch of Hiver festival. I was responsible for shooting photos and super 8 for the video.
Universe 4/Videography
A video made I made at JOYCE for the launch of the Universe App across socials.
Lost Apostle Brewing Co. 4/Videography, Design
A video I created with JOYCE for Lost Apostle Brewing Co.’s Kickstarter campaign.
On Ice 4/Videography
A video made as part of an overall final video project at UW-Stout. There was also a companion photo zine made for this project.
Rhymesayers & Sa-Roc 4/Videography
A lyric video I created for Sa-Roc’s single, ‘Dusty Roads’ during my time at Rhymesayers.
Freelance 4/Videography
A video made with super 8 film during my time at UW-Stout