Nate Vrieze is a multidisciplinary creative based in Minneapolis, MN. He specializes in photography and graphic design, and also has experience with animation, photo retouching, and content creation. He is currently working as a Junior Designer at JOYCE in Minneapolis. Most of his work revolves around the music and retail industries.

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Freelance 4/Videography
A video made by feeding an AI GAN photos of mine from the years 2020-2021.
Hiver 4/Videography
A video Knorth created for the launch of Hiver festival. I was responsible for shooting photos and super 8 for the video.
Universe 4/Videography
A video made I made at JOYCE for the launch of the Universe App across socials.
Lost Apostle Brewing Co. 4/Videography, Design
A video I created with JOYCE for Lost Apostle Brewing Co.’s Kickstarter campaign.
On Ice 4/Videography
A video made as part of an overall final video project at UW-Stout. There was also a companion photo zine made for this project.
Rhymesayers & Sa-Roc 4/Videography
A lyric video I created for Sa-Roc’s single, ‘Dusty Roads’ during my time at Rhymesayers.
Freelance 4/Videography
A video made with super 8 film during my time at UW-Stout