Nate Vrieze
Nate Vrieze is a multidisciplinary creative based in Minneapolis specializing in photography and graphic design. He is currently working as a Junior Designer at JOYCE in Minneapolis.

Work History:
︎JOYCE - Minneapolis, MN (Current)
︎Rhymesayers Entertainment - Minneapolis, MN
︎The Stable ︎︎︎ Minneapolis, MN
︎Knorth Studios ︎︎︎ Eau Claire, WI
︎Eaux Claires Festival ︎︎︎ Eau Claire, WI 
︎BOOOOOOOM ︎︎︎ Photographer Spotlight
︎BOOOOOOOM ︎︎︎ Fav Photos Found in 2021
︎Subjectively Objective ︎︎︎ Everything Is Narrative
︎Subjectively Objective ︎︎︎ Investigations In Infrastructure
︎Peach Estate ︎︎︎ Artist of the Week
︎VSCO ︎︎︎ Desolate Surrealism
︎VolumeOne ︎︎︎ On Ice with Kyle Lehman
︎Post Bulletin ︎︎︎ Seen and Heard: Fledgling Filmmaker

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