Minneapolis-based creative. 🍒 Currently Designer at JOYCE™. 🌹️
Open for select projects. 🏁️ Email me at natevrieze@gmail.com ✉️



© The Stable
Photo editing and retouching I did while under the title of Photo Producer at The Stable.
Photo Editing
Photo Retouching
Photo Assisting

Rhymesayers Entertainment
During my time as a Designer/Content Creator at RSE, I was in charge of creating all marketing materials for album rollouts across socials and some physical spaces.
Graphic Design
Content Creation

On Ice with Kyle Lehman
In “On Ice,” I follow photographer, Kyle Lehman, while he creates his latest photo project about ice shacks and the culture that surrounds them in his hometown of Weyerhauser, WI.
Editorial Design

Posters I created intermittently throughout the last few years.
Graphic Design

COSMIC or Coalition for Overdose Solutions in the Music Industry and Community is responsible for helping reverse overdose specifically for people involved in the music industry.
Graphic Design

© Nate Vrieze 2022
© Nate Vrieze 2022